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One easy way to decorate things is with paper flowers. Becaue it's cute and cheap and something you can DIY! I really like this flower that I am going to teach you! Time to teach you how to make spiral roses!! I love the way these spiral roses turn out cause they are so easy to make and yet very lovely.

Paper swirl rose with accents

I made these a lot before with one solid color and those are very common.
But since it is my time to get inspired ,the dual shaded roses did the job.
So, These accents came to my mind.

You'll need :-

  • Sketch pen
  • White normal paper ( even paper from your notebook will do )
  • Pair of scissors


1. Cut a square out of the white paper.

2. Start cutting the paper in abstract circles ,  rougher the better .

3. With the sketch pen , color the outer edges along the cuttings.

4. starting from the outer most part ,fold spirally along the circular cuttings. If you know how to do quilling then simply coil it lightly.Do Not make a tight coil.

5. Glue the last portion for this to stay the way it is. And it's ready!

And I made one without the accents , a pink one!

I have a lot of fun making these each and every time , cause these are really easy and quick!

Even faster than these quilled roses.

Do let me know how yours turn out
till then Enjoy!!
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