DIY Quilled Roses | Tutorial

Quilling is a very interesting and quick technique.

So, I made these lovely quilled paper roses.

These are lovely for using with anything. make cards , miniature bouquets.


A quilling strip
And a quilling pin ( I think that's what it is called )

Quilled roses

quilled rose

I tried to click the pictures of the steps. Didn't quite succeed  .

I guess the picture below would help.

1.Start rolling the strip , roll for 1 or 2 times.
2.Fold the strip as shown
3.Roll again lightly
4.Then again fold like in step 2.
5.Roll again
6.Repeat steps 2 to 5 till you are done
7.Glue the last end with the last part of the rose
8.Stick the middle center of the rose.

glue the end of the quilled rose

You are done!!

Quilled roses

 Would love to know what you do with these !!

I always love to get comments here


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