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Hi every one

As I have already told you about my weakness towards those lovely lovely RIBBONS, so I am posting another DIY with ribbons

As we all know that by classic bookmarks I mean those red ribbon bookmarks which we used to have in classic books. It is easy to just stick a ribbon on the back of your book and have one

But we do not have endless supply of ribbons I guess
So , I came up with this simple yet effective idea , hope you like it
you'll need

Paper clips 
hot glue
and very thin ribbons 

This is given below 

1.Cut the ribbon according to your wish , make the length as long as you wish
2. Loop one side of the ribbon ,through the larger loop of the paper clip
3.Apply hot glue on the ribbon and press both sides of the ribbon , you can also sew it as i did for the red one
4.Use it as you would use a classic ribbon bookmarks ,by attaching the paper clip to the back cover of the book you'll be reading

And your good to go !!

I made these 3 within 5 minutes.

And the best part is they cost you near to nothing !!


Do tell how you feel about this below and dont forget to pin it as this is my first picture tutorial just for my dear readers who pin !!

As always be happy
love yourself


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