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Hello friends !!

You might be familiar of my weakness towards lovely ribbons, :D.
So today I'll be telling you how to make head bands out of ribbons of various width
Read on because this is very very easy !!

Here is the PIN pic !!

How to wear ribbon headband in hair easy DIY in 5 mins. Tutorial
pin it!! Easy ribbon headband!!

You'll need :

Ribbon, Measure how much you'll need , loop around your head once
Quick dry glue
A simple rubberband

Thats it!


1.Loop one end of the ribbon and apply lots of glue and stick it
2.Lay it down so that it is on the front side
3.Then with this end , repeat the same   as in step 1.

Let this dry for 10 mins

And you are done!!

In place of glue you can also stitch it , like I did for my second one!!
A lovely baby pink , polka dotted ribbon, it is secure for once and for all (that is if you have any doubt with the glue!!)

sorry for the pic!!

Ribbon headband in pink , DIY hair style crafts
Pink head band

These are really easy to make and cost so less!!

Will do some addition to these for sure!
and will be posting soon!!

Until then live happily and


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