DIY Neon Bracelet

The weather has started to get warm , indicating the arrival of spring! I love this season becau...

The weather has started to get warm , indicating the arrival of spring! I love this season because the temperature is perfect ! and it is time to wear bright colors! Being surrounded by beautiful flowers makes you wanna dress up in bright colors. 

And if I have to think about the trend where we can sport very bright colors, then it would be the trend of neon colors. Be it clothes , accessories ,shoes and everything else almost we can see a pop of these bright colors :).

Out of these I love neon accessories the most ! The last time I went to the store to buy some beads I saw these beads entering the shop , and I hurriedly entered and bought all the neon color! they by that time hadn't decided the price even ! :D

 The first thing I that came to my mind was to make a bracelet out of these lovely beads ! :D

Making a bracelet out of these is very very easy , all you need to to is string these beads into clear elastic however like you want them to be !

I have used 4 colors here neon yellow, neon green , neon pink and neon orange.

I have stringed the beads randomly ! :D a random neon effect ! hehehe :D 

and that is all you gotta do and then you have your new DIY ed "in -trend" accessory ! For a fraction of amount ! :D
I have used round flat beads  , you can use anything you like ! :)

I recently made these two other bracelet along with this one :), Vintage floral bracelet and Mixed media blue bracelet.

What colors are you going to sport this spring!??
Do you like the bracelet ??

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  1. Its soo Pretty :) Great job girl <3

    1. AWW! thank you Vipra ! :)
      feels really nice to know :)

  2. Replies
    1. hehe :D ! Thanks :)
      Glad you liked it :)

  3. Very pretty bracelet!! You are a DIY queen! :)

    1. You made me feel really like a queen by saying this !! you are a sweetheart dear !! :*

  4. Beautiful bracelet! I love your DIY's

    1. :D !! Thank you :)
      I post each of them with a hope that everyone will like 'em :D
      I am really happy that you like my DIYs :)

  5. Awesome!! Loved the bracelet .. You are so creative :)


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