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Let me start by saying that I have a bunch of pending travel blogs, but I guess starting from the latest is the best and why shouldn’t I! It was a relaxing staycation after all, at the heart of Chennai, Crowne Plaza Adyar Park. The Crowne Plaza in Chennai is a great place to be, be it for food or to stay at the prime location it is situated in. I stayed at the hotel and dined at all of their restaurants during the weekend I spent there staycation-ing! Let me take you through the whole experience!

Starting with the comfortable rooms. I stayed in a room with no smoking policy and they also have rooms where you can smoke, if you are on a lookout for that. The plush furniture accompanied by the bed is perfect to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee. They also provide some fruits to welcome you! The compact study table and the tables are a live saver along with the dual cupboard space. The best part about the rooms? The light settings, with just a touch of a button, if you are reading, you can change the light setting with just a button, and if you are in a mood to relax, then there is a setting for that as well.

The hotel is also equipped with a 24-hour gym for anyone who doesn’t want to lose out on fitness while relaxing. Or if you want to relax by the pool and take a dip, you can do that as well. I couldn’t because I was too full of all the good food I had! What stood out for me about Crowne plaza is the amalgamation of old south Indian architecture with modern age décor. This stands true for their restaurants as well.

I am starting with the restaurant I absolutely loved, Dakshin. This award-winning restaurant is worthy of every praise it has received. The food – Lip-smacking, ambience and décor – Magnificent and in touch with Indian roots, the live musicians add a layer of beauty to the already magnificent place and the hospitality – unparalleled! I didn’t for once feel that I was dining at a restaurant, but at a close friend’s house and it was not only with me, everyone dining there was giving the same attention. A must visit if you are in Chennai!

A completely different and on the modern side of the hotel’s charm is On the rocks, a restaurant which caters to a contemporary palate with a flair. They literally mean On the rocks, because you can see your food getting ready for you on the table, in front of yourself! 

You can don a chef’s hat and make your meal. They also pair a variety of wines with your choice of meat. I went in with a lamb as my meat of choice and it was paired with a bold red wine. A perfect place for a date night out. The signature drinks are not be missed.

Dakshin at Crowne Plaza Chennai 

Dakshin at Crowne Plaza Chennai 

Dakshin at Crowne Plaza Chennai 

Dakshin at Crowne Plaza Chennai 

Dakshin at Crowne Plaza Chennai 

Happy face after my lunch at Dakshin

I also tried the Sunday Brunch at The Residency, located at the ground level near the lobby.
 The regal appearance is sure to amaze you. Moreover, there were sketch artists & balloon animals for children & a wide variety of items to choose from the buffet. There are Appam, Pasta, Grill & Panipuri live counters to name a few. It is an elaborate affair & it’s perfect for Sunday family lunches. I enjoyed sparkling wine with my brunch.

Lastly, as expected the breakfast buffet comes with the room. The breakfast is served at their all-day dining resto-café: Cappuccino. The breakfast buffet is at par with other experiences I’ve had & it has a combination of Juices, baked food, South Indian breakfast items, meats (sausages, bacon) & also stir-fried Chinese items. I absolutely loved their eggs benedict with Salmon.

Dinner Ready at On the rocks, Crowne plaza Chennai 

The best Mushroom soup I have ever had! I can visit Chennai only for this! 
That more or less wraps up my 2 day staycation & the only thing left to say is that I want more! I had loads of fun and food and would love to do the same, when back in Chennai again!

Do let me know what you guys think of this & if you visit Chennai, do visit (if not for the stay, then definitely for the food). If are in Chennai, for your US Visa, then this might be the best hotel to stay at!

If you have any questions at all about the hotel or my stay drop me a mail at priyanjanamns@gmail.com and I will reply ASAP! Or maybe share your staycation experiences?

Will be posting my staycation vlog on my Youtube channel this week, which includes a tour of my room and the hotel and everything else , stay tuned for that!! Any thoughts on the vintage-y edits of the pictures on this blog ?


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