Reminders for all to-be-brides for the final few weeks before the Big-Day

First things first - we understand the amount of time and effort it goes into planning a wedding . And agree that it can get totally ove...

First things first - we understand the amount of time and effort it goes into planning a wedding. And agree that it can get totally overwhelming. After all, there are so many decisions that need to be taken including booking a wedding photographer, choosing a venue, finding a professional makeup artists and so many more. In the shaadi madness, here are a few reminders that we want to leave for all our brides to be -

Learn to let go

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In an attempt to micro-manage everything, you might end up ruining more than you sort, and in the process, stressing yourself out.
You wouldn't want to panic at the last moment, would you?
Stress and panic during the final few days before the wedding will harm your skin in innumerable ways.
You may end up getting tired skin with pimples.
You can look after the bigger things, but learn to work around ideas that are not working out. Do not act fussy, instead,
have fun at your wedding and enjoy every moment of it, even the planning!

Delegate work.

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That way, every task will get due attention and will be completed on time.
This will also reduce a lot of your stress.
You can identify a few key people amongst family and friends and delegate work according to their strengths.

Do not delay everything for the last minute

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And definitely don't leave the big buys for the final days. Whether it is jewelry or outfits,
most designers will need at least a month to make what you’re looking for. Delaying it to the last
moment might end up in your losing out on your dream idea completely.
Complete all major shopping at least a month prior.

Be Creative

Dont blindly use Instagram and Pinterest as your guidelines.
Instead, use them for inspiration. Be practical about what is possible and what is not.

Don’t forget to eat

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And don’t crash diet. Also consume sufficient water. You can control your diet and eat the right foods
to get all important nutrients, but do no skip meals.

Spend time with your guests

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Do not be in a rush. Weddings are the one time when everybody makes an effort to come together,
to use that time to bond, instead of standing on the stage all the time which would only leave you
tired and missing spending time with your people.

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