Men, Consider These 4 Trouser Styles

It is known fact that smart shoes and statement jackets are found to be more fun to shop for, while men tend to overlook shopping needs f...

It is known fact that smart shoes and statement jackets are found to be more fun to shop for, while men tend to overlook shopping needs for their legs. Not many know that a smart choice of trousers can become one of the most powerful items in menswear, while a bad pair of pants can instantly go the other way. Explore new trouser styles and shake up your fashion quotient.

Try out some corduroy trousers

Once worn majorly by college professors, corduroy trousers for men have now become a wardrobe essential. Made from an interesting material, this bottom-wear can go a long way and make for a standout style, if worn correctly. The textile is composed of twisted, woven wool or cotton, and provides a patina made up of parallel lines. Wool corduroy trousers are the best kind, and can be worn in combination with anything, providing charm and character to the overall look. These trousers are best worn when the weather gets a little chilly, since they can get a little warm. Avoid making stuffy combinations and instead team the corduroy with casual attire such as a white T-shirt and a canvas or denim jacket.

How about wool trousers?

Another popular style, which is fast becoming a choice due to its versatility, is the wool trouser. A popular pick of fashion bloggers and world-famous art directors, this pair will add a definite touch of Parisian coolness to your attire. It is the perfect pair for men with respect to styling casual attire or smartening up tailored separates. Wool trousers have stayed in the industry for quite some time now and its popularity just keeps increasing as time passes. Although most men wear these trousers by dressing down, and combine it with a pair of sneakers, the trousers work just fine when styled with more traditional fashion as well.

Get the Twill Chinos

If you love a good piece of work wear, twill chinos are for you where quality craftsmanship meets style and reliability. Fashioned out of heavyweight cotton and woven to provide diagonal parallel surfaces and ridges, twill chinos are traditional designs that are here to stay for a long time. It is a casual trouser and can be worn with suede trousers and an Oxford shirt.

Relaxed Legged trousers

Every man is tired of the skinny jeans, especially when it comes to the indecent outlining of genitalia and trying to shimmy out of the pants with some dignity. The welcomed alternative is the relaxed-legged trousers and jeans. Perfect for combining with knitwear and over-sized shirts, these pants provide a platform for standout footwear. Ensure that the trousers aren’t too long on the inseam in order to provide for the perfect look. The wide leg trousers come with button braces and are another variant to consider, as they inject a work wear vibe into your wardrobe.

With so many trouser options and styles to suit all needs, it is a sin to keep playing it safe. Drop the usual denims and pick up a fun pair of trousers for your next outfit, buy them from your local stores or try some online shopping at sites like abof, and pick out the best one.

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