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Brigge App Every person living on the face of earth has some sort of hobby. Something mainstream or completely different, but they do ...

Brigge App
Every person living on the face of earth has some sort of hobby. Something mainstream or completely different, but they do have something that they like to do.

Some people have said to me that sleeping whenever free is their hobby. (As weird as it may sound, it is true!) For me, blogging started as a hobby and has turned into something that I can’t call a hobby anymore. But what about those people, who have forgot about indulging themselves in something that they like to do.

Everyone is busy these days, and only a few give time to their hobbies. But, if a group of people can come together, who share similar interests and hobbies, it would be beneficial for everyone in that group!

Introducing, Brigge! An app where you can create activities related to your hobbies and get people to join in!
Create activities or groups on the App 

Discover groups of your interest 

Or simply search !
Meet new people, learn something new, and take out some time to do something that you like. All you need to do is create an activity, select the date, time and venue of your choice. Interested people will join the activity on your Brigge (pronounced as Bridge) activity and you would know who all are participating!

Recently, Bangalore had a #HobbyWeek, powered by Brigge. There were a number of activities, like Aqua Zumba, Cocktail workshop, Yoga Challenge at your home, Pub Crawl, etc! All of these concluded successfully and I can say that it was so easy to organize the meet ups and activities using Brigge and participants had a good time!

Make activities like these! 

On going activity on the App right now 

The First activity I created
You can also use the app to create activities and meetup with your friends! Join in, celebrate your hobby by participating in an upcoming activity! I hope you have fun! Since the #Hobbyweek sure was!

Also, a few things which you can do, apart from making an activity, is you make a group of your own. Specific to any interest that you like! Ask Brigge app members to join in, track who is joining the group, discuss on the group and communicate anything that you like,well the possibilities are endless! So go ahead and try doing it yourself! 

Do let me know your hobbies and interests in the comments and what would you like to do to participate in #HobbyWeek! 

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  1. This sounds like fun! :D I wish I could convince my friends to join this :P

  2. The app sounds really fun and interesting. Will check it out...

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  3. This app looks like a very nice idea to celebrate what you love doing.

  4. This sounds very fun :D nothing gives more pleasure than discussing hobbies with like minded souls

  5. I need to check this one out!

  6. wow this is such a cool concept :)


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