A sweeter and healthier way to fitness

Ever since I was a child, the one thing my parents have asked me to be, is to stay fit. I was never a chubby child, I was always a lit...

Ever since I was a child, the one thing my parents have asked me to be, is to stay fit. I was never a chubby child, I was always a little too thin and frail looking, but then around my 12th – 13th year, I started to be normal, in terms of weight (I still am crazy!).

 But, even when I was frail looking, there was one thing my parents kept in mind and that was keeping me fit! I was not at all frail, though one would easily have said that I “look frail” , but I was not( those who I beat up can vouch for that :P). 

And there was one ingredient that was ever-present in my Mom’s kitchen which was responsible for keeping me fit! Also, this was accompanied with various things like Kachi Haldi (Turmeric), Tulsi leaves, tea, lemon and what not! That ingredient was none other than Honey!

In fact right now, My Mom called and she heard my voice cracking over the phone (thanks to the weather in Bangalore that results in a sore throat, always!) and the next thing she said was to have a spoonful of honey with warm water!  Such is the love of a Mother (major missing happening right now!). 

And with Honey there is this one name associated, since the time I have known what honey is , Dabur.
Every Indian person would know about Dabur Honey and I am sure that they would have consumed Dabur Honey at least once in their lifetime! And I am no exception. I love it so much that after trying one or two other brands I always came back to Dabur Honey! 

I cannot do without Honey, honestly!! Irrespective of the season I need a spoon of honey every morning.  The reasons vary at times like sometimes, it is because I want to be slimmer and sometimes to keep sore throat at bay! But one reason is constant, Staying fit!

My everyday breakfast is cornflakes with a fruit and the sweetener in my bowl of cornflakes is honey NOT sugar! I don’t try to get slim or anything of that sort, but I like it that way. My night time green tea has a few drops of lemon and honey as the sweetener. 

I chose to stay healthy! Sugar takes a lot of energy to burn, whereas honey doesn’t and it also is a much healthier option than sugar or artificial sweeteners. Apart from this switching you should do some really easy exercises which are not particularly exercises, basically those are also switching! 

Switch taking the elevator with climbing up the stairs. Switch a house maid’s duty of dusting and do the household chores. These little exercises along with the honey diet can make you fit in no time. And if you have already been doing these thing, like me :P, kudos to you! 

I have seen many people crash dieting to suddenly lose weight, but that is extremely harmful for one’s body and I have seen that firsthand! The few simple steps of exercising and a healthy balanced diet can help you achieve a fit body, though it would take a little more time that crash dieting, but it would result into long term fitness, without harming the body!

Do let me know in the comments how you incorporate honey in your diet and stay fit!

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