Protect yourself from harsh colors this Holi , do's and don'ts

Heya ladies, You must be prepping up to play colors now but today I am going to keep this post short, but very useful !

Heya ladies,

You must be prepping up to play colors now but today I am going to keep this post short, but very useful !

I am going to share what I do to protect my self from the harsh chemical colors played during Holi these days. I love this festival and already have played once this year in college, but was totally unprepared for that ! My classmates successfully surprised me! :D. But we only played with Gulaal. ;)

But now I am going to be ready now cause on the actual day we are not going to play so nicely ;).

So some care you should take before you go to play , 

For hair :- Oil your hair , oil your hair generously with preferably coconut oil. In all these years of playing holi, I found this to be the most effective oil. 

Cover you hair with a bandana, scarf I usually cover my hair with my swimming cap (looks kinda funny , I know, but hey my hair stays protected !) you can also wear a shower cap if you want to. 

For Skin:- Again apply oil, lots of it all over your body and face , at least 10 minutes before you start playing. You can also apply sunscreen on your face as you will be out in the sun , but I don't cause I get breakouts , sunscreen mixed with oil !!!! So I only use oil :).
You can build up sun screen if you want just keep applying sunscreen on regular intervals, from a day or two before.

Apply a little bit of Vaseline at the back of your ears as it tends to get stained severely.

For nails :- I usually paint my nails black and apply generous amount of Vaseline around my nails and cuticles so that they don't get stained. Also on your feet, especially on your heels.
But this year I am thinking of applying a clear nail polish instead of black as see how it turns out, but either way you can protect your nails from being stained by applying nail polish and then removing it after playing.

Some things you should take care of after playing,

If you are only playing with gulaal, then first dust of with a soft cotton cloth before washing with water. If you apply water first it tends to stain your skin.

When you are washing the color , DO NOT rub vigorously , the color will fade within a few washes. try to use a natural homemade scrub, like an oatmeal scrub.

Drink a lot of water, as when you play for a long time you will loose water.

So these are somethings I do and play holi like anything :D , just wanted to quickly share this with you all. 
Hope you have a fun filled day ! :D

Happy Holi !!

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  1. Oh i didnot know the nail and vaseline tip!
    Thanks Priyanjana! :D

  2. Great tips Priyanjana.. :)

  3. happy holi. apart from these tips, use herbal colors and gulaals and enjoy the true flavor of holi without damaging ur skin and also environment

  4. Wow vaseline tip is really awesome!


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