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We all love jewelries, don’t we?  A stylish necklace or a beautiful pair of earrings can brighten up your outfit to make you look ...

We all love jewelries, don’t we? 

A stylish necklace or a beautiful pair of earrings can brighten up your outfit to make you look fabulous everywhere you go. 

In my previous posts I showed you two DIY braceletes made by myself (for those who missed it, check DIY Vintage Pink bracelet and Mixed media blue bracelet). Today you don’t even need to spend a lot of money to have a great piece of jewelry in your collection and be glamorous. In fact, the new trend today is eco-friendly jewelry, that is jewels made from recycled materials or renewable resources that you can find everywhere, such as bobby pins, nuts, seashells, beads.

 Another trend is do-it-yourself jewelry. Both eco-friendly and DIY jewelry help us not only to find and create really original pieces, but also to spare money. You can either find materials and then create new fancy jewelry, or you can buy already existing piece of jewelry and rethink their design by adding or removing ,here and there some parts of it. Necessary supplies can be found in markets, in some specialized shops, but also on the internet, which makes everything much easier. 

Many shops have an online retailer and some don't even have a physical shop and exist only online sending you your goods directly to your door. But let's not forget free classified websites (here an example) that allow you to search for pieces of jewelry available in your city. You can find there a plenty of second hand (as well as brand new) pieces of jewelry to redesign.    

Do you want some ideas to create your own original jewelry? 

·         Painted bobby pins earrings

We all have bobby pins and nail polish at home. So we already have all we need to make this colorful pair of earrings to wear at tonight’s party. You just need a craft wire and earring hooks: start painting the bobby pins on a cardboard to keep them straight and choose the colors you love. Use tape to create the pattern you want and let it dry. Cut two strips of wire and twist them around each other. Put the pins on the wire and attach your hook. Simple as that.

·         Rope bracelet

This is a cute bracelet that you can wear everyday on every outfit. You will need: scissors, thread, copper tube, pearl beads, rope, lobster clasp, metal rings and pliers. First, string the rope through the copper tube, then sew as many pearls as you want on the rope. Fold an end of the rope to create a loop and use the thread to wrap it firmly. Place the metal ring and the lobster clasp on one loop and only a metal ring on the one and close with pliers. Done!

·         Spoon ring 

Yes, a ring made with a spoon… or a fork if you prefer! For this you will need: a sterling silver spoon with a cute handle, a metal cutter, a file or sandpaper and a dowel. Choose the shape of your ring as it will determine the length of the handle. Measure your finger and then cut the handle of the spoon with the cutter and file the end with a file or with sandpaper until it is smooth. Now bend the handle around the dowel using a shear. Finally, polish your brand new ring and wear it!

See? In just a few minutes you can have a new and trendy set of jewelry to match your style and personality! 
Go and grab some materials and start creating!

By:- Aisha Singh 
Image courtesy of Kittikun Atsawintarangkul /

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