My experience with and review

Hello everyone  Today I am going to share my experience of buying something apart from book online!

Hello everyone 

Today I am going to share my experience of buying something apart from book online!

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I am a person who likes to see by myself whatever I am buying. Gives me a nice feeling, which compared to online shopping, is nothing!

Cause in case of Online shopping I have to wait for my order to arrive ( Psst! I am a little impatient ;) ) , and that is the biggest negative point for me.

But these days some things are available only online! Like in my case I had to buy a nail art stamping set which is available online and I searched for a long time for the best option of stamps and best deals as well and in that way I found out this portal called the and trust me they did not let me down ! review

I ordered on 15th December, at night and got my delivery today , that is  on 21st  December. Which I must say is not bad at all ! They gave me the last date as 22nd December. What I liked about them is that they have a 14 day return policy. review


Founded in March 2011, (Aquamarine HealthCare Pvt. Ltd.) was formed on the grounds of giving simple, effective solutions to health enthusiasts. Today, Healthkart offers India's largest range of genuine health products across categories and all major brands. HealthKart is run by a core team of highly qualified professionals (graduates from IIT, Stanford, Harvard), with experience in India and USA and bringing in strong skills in Healthcare, Technology, Operations and Customer Management. HealthKart has grown from a humble team of 4 in March 2011 to strength of 100+, heading towards the cherished goal of becoming India's e-health mega store. Our team of trained nutritionists, counselors and product experts help customers in choosing the right product/service via live chat, email and phone. We are backed by some of the most prestigious investors in the business - Sequoia Capital, Omidiyar Network and Kae Capital. We source the best health & wellness products from across the globe & provide them to every Indian via online shopping. Our offering covers categories like Nutrition, Sports and Fitness, Diabetes, Home Devices, Eye, Personal Care, Beauty, Parenting & Health Services. We partner directly with brands and their authorized channels, to ensure strict quality control and deliver 100% genuine products. We believe it is high time that we combined great technology, smart design and awesome customer care to give India a massive health and wellness boost. While there are challenges that need to be overcome, we are driven by our vision to become a dependable, household name in India, and offering customers direct access to genuine health products at best prices.
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They have good discounts.
Delivery is on time.
A lot of options
A good site for health needs
Cash on delivery available.( on more than 500 of order value)
14 day return policy and they even have a letter for that included in your delivery
Neatly wrapped package 

The time taken for delivery (well , just in my case otherwise it is fine)

Final Verdict:-
A good online shopping portal, will surely order some more in the future.

These are what I purchased from 

Do let me know your experience , if you have already experienced. If not, do try out.

I am not being paid for the review and these are my personal view.

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  1. Wow would love to more stamping on ur nails :)

    1. Thanks Megha dear :)
      yup you are gonna see some in future :)

  2. I haven't tried them, will check out the site now.. review the kit soon!

    1. Do try out! I was satisfied :)

      will do ! very soon ;)

  3. I am yet to try out Healthkart... WIll check them out!
    The Stamping kit looks really good...If possible do review it soon! :)

    1. I would recommend you to ! Yup they are just Fab! I will be doing a review :)

  4. I have bought stuff from Healthkart. They are pretty decent. I feel other online sites deliver at a faster pace as compared to this one.

    1. Yup as compared to others they take a little bit more time. But some things are only available with them! and for that it is okay :)


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