Styling with the Neha Kakkar Collection from GIVA

Giva - Neha Kakkar collection  Hey there!  Lately, I have been on a hunt for the perfect wearable and lightweight jewelry for all the work-f...

Giva - Neha Kakkar collection 

Hey there! 

Lately, I have been on a hunt for the perfect wearable and lightweight jewelry for all the work-from-home video calls and meetings. And during this hunt for pieces of silver jewelry with great designs, I came across the brand called GIVA. 

I was absolutely delighted by the beautiful designs and how adorable each piece looked. And even more so, because of the trust, the brand builds with their ambassador and the identity. 

The jewelry they have is all authentic and hallmarked silver. After my first few purchases from them, I got the opportunity to work with them to style their new Collection, which was launched in association with their brand ambassador, Neha Kakkar. 

GIVA onboarded Neha Kakkar as their brand ambassador in October 2020 and shortly after released the Neha Kakkar collection featuring some eye-catching designs! 

The collection features timeless designs, handpicked and curated by Neha Kakkar herself. The Collection is a perfect blend of elegance and shine, selected lovingly by the singer herself.

With Neha on board, GIVA has done Diwali, Christmas & Valentine’s Day campaigns with her. Neha has styled GIVA jewelry on the shoot of Indian Idol and has worked the collection with ethnic as well as western wear. Recently Neha celebrated her birthday with GIVA on 6th June.

The great designs by GIVA, like the ones I adore are very versatile and come with an authenticity certificate. Each piece you buy from Giva comes in a beautiful white magnetic closure box, with an Authenticity certificate for each component that goes into making the piece of ornament. 

The Neha Kakkar collection

The lightweight silver jewelry lasts a really long time and I personally like to buy these, since these are a great investment for classic pieces. Like the tennis bracelet, there are many dainty and classic designs in the Neha Kakkar collection. 

The occasion most suited for styling the silver jewelry from Giva is every day! I say every day because each piece can be played up or toned down for anything, be it a date or a work call. Like the finger ring featured in the image above, it is so versatile, that you can wear it for any of your events and even grocery shopping!  we all know we make that a big event these days! haha. 

I will soon be styling a few pieces from them, keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram! till then do check out the Collection By GIVA. They have an online store as of now and I hope I can see a store soon when the pandemic gets over. 



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