Classy handbags or casual slignbags? what's your pick ??

Hey everyone! How are you doing!? Just a few days back we enter into 2015 , a whole new year with 12 new months! And within no t...

Hey everyone! How are you doing!?

Just a few days back we enter into 2015 , a whole new year with 12 new months! And within no time the one month is over! These first three months of the year are my favourite! January is so cool and cosy, February is all about “Love is in the air” and March is well, Spring! What can be better than the spring season! :D

Well, now that the month of “Love is in the air “is here, I am quite sure you all are planning for Valentine’s Day! Whether you are going out with your girlies (I am :P)  or with your guy, you have to look perfect and enjoy to the core , But hey you have to have all the things you need and that is where our live savers come in the picture! I am talking about our handbags!!

Well, we all carry a world with ourselves in our handbags and today I am going to tell you a few things about the little wonders which hold our worlds!

Handbags, sling bags, totes, Jholas, etc , etc! In this case believe me , the list is really endless! And so is the way to on how make or break your look depending on handbags!!

I, for one, am a really big fan of jute bags and likewise we all have your respective favourites . 
But what we ignore is (at least I do :P) that the carelessly carrying the same bag with all your looks doesn’t quite go with everything! Try to experiment or even change you hand bags frequently!

So if you have to pick, which on would you pick, Casual bag or classy, evergreen bags??

So, let’s start with sling bags, which are pretty casual , some of these sling bags are pretty awesome and I want a few funky ones, for casual wear.  Easy to carry is the biggest brownie point these get.

DO NOT carry a funky sling bag with you to the office in your formals ,it is a disaster (trust me !) but, if you want to carry a sling bag all the time to your office and also on your casual outings opt for a versatile color like tan, camel, navy blue or even black.
I won’t ask you to go for white or beige sling bags because it is little hard to maintain the color when it is  for everyday use.

But, you know totes and handbags are the most seen bags , one because of the availability and two because these can fit in a lot of junk! Let’s face it we all have little bit of junk in our handbags if they are big in size!

But according to me the most classy and lady like purse is structured t

ote or satchel , because it can go with almost any type of dress you wear !

So, what are you going to wear this Valentine’s and which type of bag are you going to carry along with you!?

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