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Hello friends A few days back I suddenly started doodling like anything in my free t...

Hello friends

A few days back I suddenly started doodling like anything in my free time, first of all I came up with this doodle rose as I was doing the inspiration: rose.
 The next thing  is this ! A very simple frame !

Since the neon is still hot on trends I thought of doing the borders in neon colors ! and the best part of all that is that you do not need some hi fi knowledge of Photoshop! 


You just need to know how to draw shapes in paint! That’s it!

Now  the steps

1. Start with a blank white page in Microsoft paint .

2. Fill the color of your choice, I used neon blue here.

3. Select the shape of your choice. I have chosen a four point star here as it is a symmetrical  shape  (you need less time to make your frame ), but the choice is all yours. 

4. Choose a solid coloured shape, here I have opted for black as I wanted to create a little bit of contrast with the neon blue!

5. Draw the shape , copy that and arrange both in a row 

4. Select both in row, copy and paste and arrange in a row 

6. Repeat the select ,copy and paste till you have the desired length of the border.

7.Select the border, Copy the final part and paste it in a word document ( we need to use the rotate feature )

8. In a new paint page ,copy the border we have and arrange it accordingly .

9. Now rotate the  border 90 degrees for the horizontal border.

10. Copy that and past and arrange again.

11. Rotate 90 degrees further ( for asymmetrical shape ), repeat step 10.

12.  Repeat  step 11, till you have all four sides of your frame 

lastly select the complete frame and paste it on a word document to save !

Ta daaaa, you have your own frame, simply made on paint !

This is the frame I made first when I came with this idea!

Hope you enjoy doing this!


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  1. Like the step by step guide line. Will try it out (with a different set of colours)

    1. I am glad you liked it !
      I always ask to experiment everyone !


      I'll be doing a frame in pastel color as well


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